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What in the Spanglish?

Some of us speak English in the house. Some of us speak Spanish in the house. Then some of us make stew with our words and spew out a combination of both languages. We speak Spanglish, and we are not embarazadas. I ,however, am not one of those people…nor am I pregnant. (Thank you, Google) In my house, we speak mostly English. My mother may throw out some Spanish, but she is the only one making complete sentences and complete sense in Spanish.

At home, the way in which we speak is comfortable. We are talking to our family. If we had to see them in their chonies, pass them toilet paper while they were on the john, or see them ugly cry at Disney movies, we are usually not speaking to them in our public speech voice. When I was still learning Spanish, I would overhear my friends’ family conversation (consider it practice for the language), and it was done in two languages. Being in the United States as an immigrant, I suppose you have three languages in your head: your first, English, then the blend you use as your natural and learning brain forms thoughts. For anyone that understands both languages, it comes easy to blend both into one thought, one sentence. 

But that is at home. I do not want to say that this mix is wrong or improper. Someone can argue that they have different origins and are separate and should be spoken as individual languages. Others will say, “kick rocks, its the 21st century.” I like both responses but I need to know what others think. My question…..

Is Spanglish acceptable in articles, published works?

Someone gifted me with a magazine subscription. I want know who it was and kindly but firmly ask them to stop. Anyway, this magazine that keeps coming to my house is aimed at the Hispanic female population. I dont share many things with the magazines’ audience so I usually opt out of reading it. (Sorry, my body is NOT an hourglass, I cant dance the hokeypokey, and no you may not suggest bright makeup for my face….this magazine plays very much into the spicy Latina stereotype. Shame) I did however, peruse pages while waiting one day and noticed that the writers threw in a Spanish word every now and then. It was mostly in English so I’m not sure I would even label it as Spanglish. However, it was in the most bizarre places that the second language was included. Instead of crazy, the writer added “loco”, “chicas” for girls, amiga instead of “friend”. It seemed to only be replacing words that Taco Bell commercials shared with America. Is this ok? Is Spanglish acceptable in articles?

(I may just be irritated that this magazine makes a joke/inspired lifestyle of movie stereotypes. That is for another rant, I suppose. Forgive me)


Watermelon cupcake idea. on We Heart It -

love this! reminds me of summer.


Watermelon cupcake idea. on We Heart It -

love this! reminds me of summer.

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I have some questions, please answer?


1. Do any of you who follow this blog live in Wisconsin or near it? (I live here so I’m curious to know of anyone is near me.)

2. Are any of you going to any cool cons in the next coming months? (Me & my boyfriend want to travel this spring to our first con/cosplay event.)

3. Who would be interested in a tiny chat/multi cam/live chat/live stream of Stargate episodes with other fans?

Thank you all for your time! ^_^

Isnt there a Stargate Convention in Chicago in August?



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The Stages of Arguing with Friends..

No one is going to win here…. but I’m not going to lose. 

1. "What? Are you KIDDING me?!"
When you realize you both disagree, but can’t really believe you do. 
Voice Level: Shriek, as you are suprised

2. Spokesperson for your side
Now you are listing all the reasons why the other person should agree with you. You are giving them all the good reasons. 
Voice Level: Calm, you know you’re right, so no reason to elevate the volume

3. Smear Campaign
Next, you will tear down their reasons because well… its garbage. 
Voice Level: A bit louder than the “inside voice”.

4. Synchronized talking
You are talking at the same thing, over each other trying to argue over what you think the person just said while you were talking. 
Voice level: People are staring.

5A. Stand up and say it to my face
Now you remember every single thing this person has ever done that made you question your friendship. Its about to go down.
Voice Level: Brows are furrowed and teeth are exposed. 


5B. "Yea, well…"
The better person will probably realize they almost broke a bottle to threaten their BFF of 10 years and will calm down, roll their eyes, and allow awkward silence to fill the space. A change of subject. A shrug. 
Voice Level: Fading, like the end of an 80’s song.


5C. "Haha, Dude you’re nuts."
Stop the arguing and laugh it off.* Its not serious, and you two are allowed to be two unique individuals. 
*This phase happens mostly in movies. 
Voice Level: Do hugs make sounds?

Sometimes you love your friends and they love you,  then sometimes you like to win. Choose one. ;)

Aggresive Clouds

Anyone who works with kids, especially the little ones, knows how frickin hiliarous they are. I wish could grade them on humor, they’d all get A’s. 

"cloud gets full, and its ABOUT TO GO DOWN."  (I read that one in a Kevin Hart voice. She was talking about rain, and I know this because I had to ask.)

I will start writing the things they say to me because people need to hear it.

Perks of being a substitute teacher.

I love my job. Sure, it is a bit difficult and stressful at time. The kids are off the wall excited with the fact that their teacher is gone. You know, the whole “while the cat is away, the mice will play.” Whatever scary thing you are thinking of subbing for a regular teacher I have seen it: the name switch game, the desk switch game, the attitude game, the “we totally can use these manipulatives and not clean up after ourselves”, the “we don’t speak English” sch-peel, I have experienced it all.

However, there are great things to being a sub. And before I begin, I must say a couple of things as a sub and for my fellow subs. A) We ARE teachers, and we have gone to school to major in education and the different methods of teaching and getting students to succeed in learning. Stop treating us like babysitters. B) We are people. I am so lucky to work for schools that have asked and REMEMBERED my name. Nothing worse than feel like a warm body. Finally, C) We will never be as cool as Jack Black in School of Rock.That is both a good thing and a tragic thing. School of Rock is my favorite teacher movie because both the students and teacher learn about themselves and from each other and…. rock-n-roll!

Ok, the perks of being a substitute teacher:

1. Change of scenery.
If you are starting to feel like a robot at the office, I am sorry. Sometimes its good to change it up a bit. I have been in almost every grade and subject, and each time is a new deal. 

2. I am stealing your very best ideas.
A veteran teacher once told me to teach like a pirate, and steal from other teachers. She didn’t mean LITERALLY stealing, but taking my phone and snapping a pic of the awesome things they have in their classroom whether anchor charts, routines, class set up, etc.

3. Paperwork. 
As in, we have less to do. A LOT less. Sorry teachers, you have the toughest job but I don’t envy the paperwork part.

Shame on you if you didn’t appreciate arts and crafts when you were younger. Starting about middle school, everything is text and no art. When I get a class with the youngins, I’ll color right with them. 

5. FREE snacks.
Preschool gets snacks. Elementary gets free breakfast. Some teachers have candy stashes. I will admit I stuck my paw in there and stole a dumdum. Sorry. Days I’m less than sorry: Holidays. Halloween, Valentines, Christmas. Score. 

6. Singing not so well.. and they dont care. 
The national anthem is hard for first graders. And for me too. But they dont care. They’re rocking out, and I am too.

7. You like me, you really like me!
The last and my favorite thing about being a sub is that being in so many classes, I know a lot of kids, and they know me. So when they wave and say hello, it makes me happy. Almost every kids knows me, and that’s awesome. Teachers get one class every year, I get all of them throughout the year. 

Work isnt so bad when you find the good things. What are the perks of your job?

Pizza toppings.

Mom, looking at pizza: “Hey, they put nopales on here!”

Me: “Uhhh.. no.. ma…those are green peppers.” 

Pizza hut, expand your ingredient list, lol.